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We understand the need to avoid spending money on the latest mp3 music downloads everyone is buying. Thats why we decided to make a list of free music sites you’ll love. But before we get to that, you’ve got to understand that some music sites are not legal, and it’s a good idea to learn how to download music legally on our free mp3 site. We’d hate to find out that you got suied for using illegal music services to get free music downloads for your mp3 player. It pays to download songs from legal sources. Free song downloads are easy to find on this digital music download site:).

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Here’s a list of free music downloading sites that are actually LEGAL

Emusic is known for being one of the coolest free music sites that will actually give you access to 25 emusic downloads just for trying them out. This is what makes the Emusic free trail so irresistible to many people. We strongly recommend taking the emusic free downloads - while their free music download trial is still around. It’s one of best ways to find digital music downloads legally :).

Napster (the original Napster) is the mother of all free music download sites. Many people consider them to be a very useful resource for free song downloads, since they are willing to give you unlimited free Napster music downloads for 7 days straight. We strongly recommend taking advantage of the napster free trial because their ” Napster To Go ” program has a lot to offer.

Find Any Song is a cool music download site that gives people unlimited access to over 1 billion free mp3 downloads. We like this site for that very reason and rate them as one of the best websites to download music for free. You might want to burn and download free music from these guys…there’s a lot to like about them.